Our mission is to create emotional connections between leaders, companies, and customers, one story at a time.



If you are starting from scratch, turning over a new leaf, or describe yourself as other classic idioms, we can help you build out a strategy that will make a difference.  Our experience and custom processes will give you an edge connecting with your customers, attracting top talent, and creating a workforce that blows the competition out of the water.  Our consulting focuses include customer service strategies, internal communication processes, culture-building, management systems, and more.

With a background in technology, hospitality, food service, and non/not-for profits, we are obsessed with helping every organization fully realize their customer experience potential.    We focus on journey mapping, social media, customer metrics, engagement, and brand consistency.  Part education and part strategic partnership, we work through our custom processes to build a journey that your customers will keep coming back for, and keep your employees motivated.

Storyline's customer experience and leadership solutions use our 'Story Ecosystem' to bring you results in every category.  We will work with you to create, grow, or strengthen your business.