Every presentation is designed to your meet your organization’s unique needs. Regardless of industry, age or company size, we ensure that your team is presented with the most relevant and engaging information, perfectly aligned with your objectives. Each of our keynotes are customized to your specific needs, condensing and expanding the content and length to fit your schedule and purpose.

Bottom line - our services are custom-built to support you focus on your team, achieve your business goals and connect with your customers!


The Customer's Journey

45-90 Minutes

Customers are more discerning than ever, expecting business to offer an engaging journey through their brand, products, and services. They want to hear your story, and be a part of the action.

During this presentation, you will learn psychologically proven storytelling techniques that will change how you look at consumer experiences.

During this presentation, you'll receive:

- Universal Experience Outline

- Customer Archetype Profile Templates

- Team Success Metrics

You will be empowered to intentionally craft a narrative for your customer that will give you an edge over the competition and keep your customers engaged in your brand.

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The Consumer's Perspective

45-60 Minutes

Filmmaking has brought stories to life for over a hundred years. A combination of science and art, storytellers use the narrative, subtext, colours, and characters to engage the audience. When customer experience your services, they look through their own lens, just like a movie.

During this presentation, you'll receive:

- Scene Structure Outlines

- Subtext Templates

- Film Experience Techniques

We will show you how the core fundamentals of visual storytelling can increase brand loyalty and improve your overall consumer experience.  Lights, camera, engaged customers.

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The Presenter's Narrative

45-60 Minutes

Presenting is a unique challenge.  In addition to conveying information to your audience, you have to ensure retention and drive change management to be successful. If you are a certified instructor delivering training, or a manager who has to present to teams, there are powerful tools used by storytellers to maximize potential.

During this presentation, you'll receive:

- Universal Presentation Outline

- Audience Profile Template

- Proven Techniques and Tips

Using our resources, learn how to connect with your audience, convey the right information, and leave a lasting impression that will earn you the title of 'amazing presenter'.

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Is this relevant to 'millennial' customers?

Absolutely! Customers under 40 are the entering in to their prime spending years and they are the largest generation we have ever seen - even bigger then the Boomers! Being confident that you are ready for them is a necessity to be successful in 2018 and beyond.

Do you offer keynotes longer than 90 minutes?

We offer workshops that span full days and are much more hand's on. We would be happy to answer any questions you have, so feel free to email us below and we can expand in more detail.

My Team is mostly under 25. Will this connect with them?

This is indeed a 'frequently asked question' for me. Most of my experience has been with younger employees. Every presentation is sensitive to this need and wouldn't be successful if it didn't equip leaders with specifics that cater to this age group specifically. They are the next generation of leaders!